A Man and a Van

A Man and a Van

Also a girl and a dog

Some shots of the tiny cabin we stayed in while we were out running tech for Bonetone Festival last week. I could totally see myself living in something this sized. Just replace the queen size on the ground floor with a kitchenette and I would be totally set. This cabin comfortably housed 4 of us for the weekend. 

So we just got back from Bonetone festival 2013, where Brandon and I handled Visuals. Serenity functioned as both our cargo vehicle for the trek and our tech booth for the duration. It was fantastic at the end of the night we were able to just pull our home runs for cables, and lock up the rig not having to worry about leaving thousands of dollars of equipment outside. I propped up a futon over one of the wheel wells and that became a quick and dirty (quite literally after about 48hrs) couch for the weekend. Everything we took out there looks like it’s been to the playa as far as dust factor. The rig is going to need a good blowing out and Serenity is going to need a nice long washing. She started burning oil pretty heavily on the way up there and was doing it again on the way back. I did have a ton of gear in her and it’s way more than I have ever hauled but I’m a bit concerned. I’m going to have to really start poking around under the hood and figuring out what all needs to be replaced before we head out on the road. In her current condition I don’t think I would want to undertake such a long trek.

Outside shot of the tech booth for Bonetone. Serenity is doing a bang up job of being a tech booth for this gig. More photos to follow.
Serenity is all loaded up for her first big trip. Its up to the Tahoe forest for the weekend. Lux Systems (my company) is running visuals for Bonetone Fantasy Island drum and bass festival. She’s going to serve as our tech booth for the weekend.

So as I type this Megan and I are in the process of scaling down our wardrobes. So far we have two big black garbage bags and two small white garbage bags to go to good will. My list is down to:

3 Jackets

- 1 Zippered North Face Hoodie

- 1 Pull Over Generic Hoodie

- 1 Dickies Mechanics Jacket

6 Dickies Overshirts

-2 Long Sleeve

-4 Short Sleeve

2 Thermals

1 Set Underarmor

2 Suit Jackets

2 Dress Shirts

18 T-Shirts

-6 Workshop Shirts

-7 Graphic

-5 V Neck Undershirts

7 Pairs of Pants

-2 Workpants

-1 Black Dickies

-1 Dress Slacks

-1 Brown Casual

-1 Tech Black Pants

-1 Sleep Pants

3 Pairs Shorts

-2 Dickies

-1 Cargo

-1 Sleep Sweat/Cargo

1 Pair Swim Trunks

9 Pairs Carhart Socks

10 Pairs Boxers

5 Pairs Shoes

-1 Side Zip Combat Boots

-1 Converse Chucks

-1 Flip Flop Sandles

-1 Slippers

-1 Dress

I’m feeling pretty good about this. I wish I could scale a bit more but I can’t frankly. I do too many things right now to be able to. I have to have dress clothes for when I tech corporate shows, and I have to have beaten up shop clothes for when I’m just working in my shop fabricating things. I’m planning on putting a bunch of this in storage while I’m out on the road but for now it’s a start. It feels really good to be actively taking steps towards a simpler life. I’ve started baking all my own bread instead of buying it and I’ve got to say it’s saving money and everyone in the house is happier for it. I’m not sure what to work on scaling down next, thinking about starting to packup the books and find digital copies of them to stick on my tablet instead. It’s not like I re-read most of them and I don’t have the same affinity that most do to physical objects so not having them anymore doesn’t really bother me. Most of my “book” library is already digital anyways. Anything that I can’t find that I know I’m going to want to read again I suppose I could always scan or put into storage. 

GOT THE CAMP CHEF OVEN TODAY! Super stoked on this. I got it “used” on ebay but its basically brand new. The oven hasn’t ever had anything cooked in it it came with the racks still wrapped in the original paper from the factory. It came in the original box for that matter. I’m pretty sure someone just bought it, decided they didn’t want it, and dumped it for cheap on ebay. She’s gonna be going in Serenity for now for while we’re on the road, and ultimately in the Tiny Home. Supposedly I can get 7hrs at 350° off of one, 1lb propane tank. I have a fresh tank that I hooked up to it and I will be trying this tomorrow in 1hr increments. Report to follow.

Haven’t done much on Serenity recently been focusing more on making capital at home with which to purchase the items needed for the build out. I did manage to find a camp chef oven/stove combo (in cherry red might I add) and a Coleman instantaneous water heater for under $300 including shipping so I’m super stoked on that right now. Water heater should be here tomorrow and the oven should be here today.

Showering on the road made easy.

Here’s the down and dirty people.

-2.7 gallon water tank. That’s gonna get you about 10 solid minutes of shower time with it actually on. It’s a sprayer in the style that you find on most household sinks so you have to keep the trigger depressed to have water flowing. This means it’s easy to control the flow. 

-Portable. When empty it packs down to 5.5 x 8.5 inches and weighs in at only 1lb 9oz. That means full of water this thing weighs in at less than 25lbs. 

-Foot pump. Anyone who has ever gone out treking with a solar shower saying to themselves, “oh it will be no problem there are bound to be plenty of fantastic rigging points for me to hang this shower from” knows what I mean when I say foot pump. Don’t deal with the hassle of trying to hang your shower at the end of a long day. Foot Pump.

-7FT HOSE! I’m a tall dude measuring in at 6’3” I have difficulty with some road showers. NEVER HAVE THAT ISSUE AGAIN!

The best thing since sliced bread ON DEMAND HOT WATER

Out for the day on some handyman style jobs off task rabbit. Chilling in the back of Serenity between jobs, got the hammock up and everything.